Sunday, 20 March 2016

Oasis: The Acoustic Session Showdown

As seem on my Youtube channel. It's Noel vs. Liam in The Acoustic Session Showdown! Twenty acoustic tracks from TV and Radio dated between 1993 and 2009.

01 - Up In The Sky (The Evening Session, BBC Radio 22.12.93)
02 - Who Feels Love (CBC Radio Session 07.12.99)
03 - Stand By Me (BBC Session 20.08.97)
04 - Waiting For The Rapture (Jo Whiley 'Live Lounge' BBC Session 13.03.09)
05 - I'm Outta Time (KYSR Radio Studios 26.11.08)
06 - Cast No Shadow (Radio DeeJay Session 22.02.96)
07 - Supersonic (The Evening Session, BBC Radio 22.12.93)
08 - Setting Sun (Radio DeeJay Session 15.07.97)
09 - Whatever (MTV Most Wanted, 18.08.94)
10 - Half The World Away (BBC Radio 2 Session 11.02.06)
11 - Married With Children (The Evening Session, BBC Radio 22.12.93)
12 - Sad Song (The Evening Session, BBC Radio 14.12.94)
13 - Talk Tonight (The Evening Session, BBC Radio 14.12.94)
14 - Wonderwall (Virgin Radio Radio Aid, 17.01.05)
15 - Don't Look Back In Anger (J-Wave Radio Session 29.09.02)
16 - Songbird (Jo Whiley 'Live Lounge' BBC Session 12.02.03)
17 - D'you Know What I Mean (Radio DeeJay Session 15.07.97)
18 - Live Forever (MTV Most Wanted, 18.08.94)
19 - The Importance Of Being Idle (The End Session 09.09.05)
20 - Morning Glory (Live At The Orpheum Theater 14.10.95)

Password: Showdown



  1. Awesome you finally uploaded it! Thanks!

    1. No problem, sorry I took so long with this one. I've been working on other projects, including some more Oasis sessions! So more coming soon.

  2. Brilliant, and thanks for sharing

  3. Can't open file on android?

  4. Cheers for sharing this, many thanks.

  5. Thank you thank you thank you mate, TOP QUALITY here, mad FER IT !!!!

  6. Hey mate, just curious to know about the "Married With Children" track on this edit. Going form my collection, I've previously downloaded the Little James (The Ultimate Acoustic Collection) bootleg, which lists its "Married With Children" as taken from the BBC Radio 1 "Mark Lammar Show", London, England 3rd May 1994, while yours is taken from The Evening Session, BBC Radio 22.12.93. As far as I can tell however, these versions are the same performance, with Liam introducing the track both times, identically. Any clarification on which you think is more accurate? Cheers. :)

    1. And likewise the "D'You Know What I Mean" Radio DeeJay Session 15.07.97 here also appears on your Be Here Now Sessions as from München 18.07.97.

    2. It's actually quite difficult to verify which session these tracks are from without having the original tapes. I downloaded the two tracks (Supersonic/Married With Children) along with the rest of the 93 Evening Session quite some years ago and I had no real reason to question that they may not be from that session. Bootlegs do however sometimes mis-date performances (this happens on official releases too!). I have seen the "Mark Lammar Show" also labelled as the The "Mark Radcliffe Show" as an acoustic session for BBC Radio 5's "Hit The North" which I find unlikely as Radio 5 was changed to BBC Radio 5 Live (a rolling-news and sports station) in March 1994. To cut a long story short I can find no definitive answers on this one so I can't rule anything out. There is even a possibility that the 3rd May '94 session was a re-broadcast of the December 93 session, but I have no way to prove this. Sorry I could be more help with this one.

    3. When I originally downloaded "D'You Know What I Mean" it came with no other information other than "München 18.07.97" in its comments section of the tag. I later downloaded a "Be Here Now" acoustic collection and the same performance appeared twice under two different dates. After a little bit of research it seemed the "Radio DeeJay Session 15.07.97" date was more likely to be correct.

    4. Awesome, thanks for getting back to me! :) Not that it's of huge consequence either way, but I just like having my music library pretty well organised and wanted to bring it to your attention if you weren't aware. The info of dates and original sources you've given on the tracks is outstanding, thanks again for everything! :)

    5. I've just been doing a little bit more research in to the performance of "D'You Know What I Mean" and it looks as thou it is from a German Radio performance broadcast on November 19th 1997 but possibly recorded on July 18th 1997. I think it maybe sourced from the bootleg "Noel Gets To The Point"

  7. Thank you so much for uploading and tagging all this. Was about to rip your video and do it myself until I found this!

  8. This collection compilation is genius! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and for me to get to know your fantastic blog!

  9. Just wanted to say that I've been listening to this compilation non stop everyday since I first came upon it almost 3 weeks ago. Great stuff and again thank you soooo much!

  10. How do I download this onto an iPhone? Can anyone help? Thanks

  11. Can anyone tell me how to download this onto an iPhone? Thanks